We believe that drinking beer should be a personal experience. There’s no rule on how beers should taste.


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What to do When Beer Spills on your Carpet?

Beer has its associated benefits. However, should it get on your carpet, removing the spills and stains can be quite problematic. It can also leave a trail of a stench. When the spill occurs, you need to follow the stain removal rules.

First, blot the area to get rid of the unabsorbed beer from the carpet. A 1:4 mixture of household vinegar and warm water left on the carpet for about 2 minutes then dabbed should get the stain out. This should be followed by rinsing the carpet to remove the residue before drying.
If you are not handling the cleaning yourself, your second act after blotting should be to call the cleaner as soon as possible. If you are asking what should a house cleaner do? Here are some things to expect when you call him/her over.

The cleaner should know how to remove the stain and odor from your carpet. Although you can ask the cleaner to use a specific cleaning solution if you so prefer, s/he will likely have a solution that’s effective in removing beer stains.

The specifics of what the cleaner will do will depend on the service you requested. If you asked for carpet cleaning only, that’s what the cleaner will do. S/he should vacuum, remove stains, and wash it, and leave the carpet clean, dry, and smelling fresh.

It’s good to leave such tasks to the professionals if you don’t know how to do it well. Just ensure you have sufficient funds to pay the cleaner and throw in a tip if you so desire. Otherwise, you should learn how to do it yourself.

The Value of the Pine Tree

Aside from claiming a place in homes during Christmas, Pine trees have a wide variety of alternative uses and are touted to be a great survival kit. Most parts of the pine trees are edible and attributed to benefits such as stronger immunity, better circulation, and respiratory health. The nuts can be roasted and eaten while the inner bark, resins, and male cones are also edible. Some of the parts, however, have other uses too that earn the pine tree its reputation as a survival kit.

The Pine Needles

These are a rich source of vitamin C and are commonly used in making pine tea. They can also be used in brewing beer to give it a unique taste and aroma cherished by a number of people. The aroma resulting from their use in brewing possibly depends on the season, tree type, and location. Combined with boughs, they can make comfortable shelter when you need it.


Aside from nutrition, pines, specifically the resin, are also commonly used as medicine. The pine resin has antiseptic, antifungal and antimicrobial properties that can be used to keep germs out of wounds, stop bleeding and get lodged splinters out. The pine resin is a natural chewing gum, yet it also helps in starting a fire even in a damp setting. The resin can also be applied to boots, mittens, and tent seams; taking up the role of a waterproofing agent.

These uses make pine trees a worthy plant to include in your landscaping plans. The trees thrive in different parts of the world depending largely on the type of tree and the pine soil provided.

Välkommen till Svenska Ölfrämjandet!

På vår hemsida hittar du information om vilka Svenska Ölfrämjandet är, om våra arrangemang, om Sveriges pubar, om Sveriges bryggerier samt information om öl-sverige i allmänhet.

Du kan även beställa materiel från oss eller ansöka om medlemskap. För dig som redan är medlem kan du kontrollera din medlemsstatus eller hitta information om vad som sker i föreningen.

How to Spot the Best Beer?

If you feel like big name beers don’t really satisfy your cravings, it is time that you go for the craft beer. Small in production but with a bang, these microbrewing companies can surely give you the best experience that you need.

What you need to know about craft beer is that it simply tastes different. You will have to drink a lot of beers in order to spot the difference. Next, you will also notice that the smell is different. And also, you will notice that craft beer made by reputable microbrewing firms actually have real flavor that most commercially produced beers don’t have.

But of course, in order to pick the right one, you want to make sure that you pick which type of beer you really want. You can go for the lagers which are a light colored drink. Next, you also have the ales drinks which have a fruitier taste. You should also know what materials are used for the beer. For the commercially produced beers, you typically have rice or malt. These are known to produce a lighter taste and reduce the cost of production.

Beer Guide For Novice Beer Drinker

A lot of people get frustrated when it comes to alcoholic drinks. For a lot of novice drinkers, they don’t know exactly where to start. Should you really just settle towards the commercially available drinks?

If you will be drinking commercially available beer, it is so easy to not be content with what they actually offer. This is due to the fact that these companies are looking to maximize their profits. They’d rather spend on advertising than improve the overall taste of their beer. A lot of these companies make use of malt and beer when it comes to their production. Now, it does lighten the taste. What it does is decrease the type of experience that you get from beer.

If you are a beginner and you want the best-tasting beer, it is always a good idea to go for the microbrewing companies. Craft breweries produce less than 2 million barrels every year. These companies are usually operating locally. Though it can be a bit difficult to find these types of companies, it is a good idea to explore them in every place that you visit. The reality is there is really no secret to knowing beer more than just trying different drinks regularly.